About Us

WHKY Radio was the first radio station between Charlotte and Asheville North Carolina and is the oldest independent radio station in the United States that is still owned and operated by the founding family. Ed Long broke ground for a new radio station in 1939. During WWII, getting equipment was difficult so he broke ground with a mule and a plow. His determination paid off and WHKY Radio signed on June 10, 1940 and transmits on 1290 AM and 102.3 FM.

We understand Hickory and the surrounding area because, like our community, we started here with a vision of what could be. We have grown with the Hickory Metro over the generations. We are your neighbor. We are the folks sitting next to you at the Crawdad's game or at the Hickory Motor Speedway.

We are proud to be a part of what Ed Long started as a service to Hickory. The torch has been passed for four generations of the Long family. We are honored to call you neighbor and are grateful for your support for over 83 years and in the years to come.